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Find a Certified Fraud Examiner

The ACFE Ireland Chapter is proud to have over 160 members who are based throughout the ROI and Northern Ireland. They include men and women who are vastly experienced in every aspect of combatting fraud.

All Certified Fraud Examiners must exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards, and abide by the CFE Code of Professional Ethics. They are employed by some of the highest profiled companies in the world and have demonstrated Integrity, Knowledge, Experience and Determination by achieving the accreditation. 

Many of our members are acknowledged experts within their sphere of operations, ranging from Audit and Accountancy, Money Laundering and Compliance, through to Intelligence, Analysis and Counter Fraud Investigation.


To discuss how you can find the right person to fill the vacancy within your company, get in touch with us by email, and someone will be delighted to call you back.  

Heightened fraud awareness, constantly changing laws and updated regulations have combined to an increase in demand in the workforce for professionals who are skilled at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud. Because of this, the career opportunities for those who hold the CFE accreditation have never been greater.

Certified Fraud Examiners are to be found performing a variety of roles within many different industries. They work in the public and private sectors, in financial institutions and in government offices. They may be accountants, auditors or money laundering specialists; they may be dedicated fraud investigators, lawyers or business leaders.

Based on a global salary survey conducted by an independent research group, it found that professionals with the CFE credential earned on average 25 percent more in salary than professionals in comparable positions, who did not hold the accreditation. 

CFE Directory

A number of Certified Fraud Examiners are available for independent assignments and consultations around the world. CFEs possess the knowledge and experience to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud, resolve allegations of fraud from inception to disposition, gather evidence, take statements, write reports and testify to findings.

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