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Fraud Week 2022

13-19 November 2022

Join the global effort to minimize the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education!

Video of the Day: Wednesday 16 November 2022

Cybersecurity Basics for Business | Federal Trade Commission

Watch this video to learn some cybersecurity basics and learn how to put them into practice in your business.

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How anti-fraud professionals view cyberfraud risks

Video of the day: Tuesday 15 November 2022

Common Computer and Internet Fraud Schemes

Technology is a constant factor in almost everyone’s life, and as technology advances, fraudsters figure out to exploit it for their gain. One way fraudsters get access to computers and systems is through social engineering.

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How is technology being used to fight fraud?

If you would like more information or would like to sign up for further training contact

Video of the day: Monday 14 November 2022

What Anti-Fraud Professionals Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency has become a hot topic in the news over the past few years. As it continues to gain a foothold in society, what do anti-fraud professionals need to know? Learn more in this short video.

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Asset Reality

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What can you do? Get Involved! 

Other ways to get involved

Fraud Week is the perfect time to go a step further in your role as an anti-fraud professional and to start discussions amongst peers, coworkers, executives and stakeholders in your community about how important fraud prevention is to society as a whole. You can use any of the free resources provided, or get creative and put your own twist on some of the ideas presented below.

Post on social media using new badges and informative images with the tag #fraudweek

Add the new Official Fraud Week Supporter badge to your email signature.

Invite a CFE to talk to your employees and coworkers virtually on how to avoid common mistakes when preventing fraud.

Download the free Fraud Week logo to share on materials or websites.

Host a talk or seminar for your coworkers on regularly staying aware of fraud prevention best practices. You can post that event to share what you are doing on the official events page.


Performfraud check-up for your organization and present your findings to executives, as well as a proactive plan for how to remedy weak spots in your current controls.


Become a CFE! The Fraud Prevention Training Centre offers preparation courses to ensure you pass your CFE exam!

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